Weekend trip in the German and Austrian Alps

As I’m still working a full time job, I don't have too much time on my hands. This is why whenever there’s a long weekend, I try to do what I love most: exploring nature with good friends. Being from Belgium, the biggest challenge for me is to find a good place to drive to. It can’t be too far, it has to have great views, the weather can’t be too bad,… So this time we decided to go to an area I’ve only ever visited in winter: the German and Austrian Alps.

So I made a route, filled up the car with 3 friends who were as eager as I was to head out for a few days and we were on the road! This time I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to collaborate with Audi Belgium and explore the Alps with a brand new Audi Q5. What a comfortable ride! It had enough horse power for the German Autobahn, enough space to sit 4 people and their gear and also 4 wheel drive to get us though the mountains.

Our first stop was Berchtesgaden, lake Konigssee to be more specific. From here we took the boat to Obersee and spent the day hiking in that area. The conditions for photos weren’t the best, as it was very sunny, but we still made the most out of it.

We decided to stay in the Berchtesgaden area and hiked up to a viewpoint over Konigssee the next morning. At first, the view on the lake was completely blocked by dense mist. If it was up to me, we would've hiked straight down again. Luckily the other guys decided we should hang on for a while and hope that the mist would clear. After an hour or 2, it actually did clear up and we were rewarded with stunning views over Germany’s most beautiful lake. 

In the evening, we drove off to Austria to find a place where we would be able to set up camp for the night. After finding a pretty promising spot, we made dinner and enjoyed some beers together. These are the moments I personally enjoy the most.

It got a bit bright in our tents pretty early, so i woke up to find a beautiful, fog covered, valley. Perfect conditions for photos!

We roamed the area a bit more, making stops in Hallstatt and just enjoying the views in general. We spent the night back in Germany and enjoyed a morning stroll around lake Eibsee before our Audi took us back to Belgium.